Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

A Holistic Approach

To match the 3Cs of the curriculum statement we have some golden threads running throughout the planning and delivering of the primary curriculum planning, both in deliberate rehearsal of key knowledge and concepts to ensure entry to long-term memory, and also to ensure our daily practise holds true to the trust's intent.

This is all underpinned by the Oasis vision, ethos and 9 Habits. Our Literacy Policy is also embedded within all areas of our curriculum, including British Values and Personal Development.

The 3Cs in the Secondary Curriculum

An integrated approach to Personal Development 

Personal development is fundamental in our organisation as part of our culture and ethos. It is critical that we are constantly exploring who we are and how we are growing and changing to enhance the learning and maximise the potential of the children and young people in our communities. Personal Development is essential to ensuring that your child develops into a healthy, happy young adult.

As a result, PHSCE, careers, contextual safeguarding, SRE, character development, physical and mental well-being, and behaviour are grouped together and are delivered through our Personal Development curriculum. Our Personal Development curriculum is split into two key strands to enable this to happen; our explicit and implicit strands. 

Our PSHE/RSE curriculum is our explicit strand. We call this Personal Development and is timetabled explicitly to ensure that all students learn key knowledge and skills that will support them in making excellent choices for their future and to understand the world around them particularly in relation to their social and societal interactions. To find out more about PSHE/RSE strand, please visit this subject on our curriculum structure page to view the curriculum, consultation and resources for parents.

Our implicit strand is careers guidance, enrichment and extra-curricular. These are elements that are woven through different areas of the curriculum and different times of day. All students will benefit from our rich programme which enable them to develop a thirst for enthusiasm about many different elements of school. For more information about our careers guidance, enrichment and extra-curricular, please click on the side tabs. 

Our Personal Development Curriculum includes:

  • Weekly Personal Development lessons
  • Assemblies
  • Our Tutor Programme of study
  • Behaviour celebrations
  • Character as a golden thread throughout our curriculum
  • Contextual safeguarding
  • Links to Science, RE and PE
  • Our Behaviour for Learning Policy
  • Relevant trips and extracurricular activities.

Learning and Technology: A blended approach

As part of our initiative to close the disadvantage gap in learning, we rolled out Oasis Horizons in 2020-2021; every child from Reception to sixth form was given their very own iPad for use at school and at home. These iPad have become part of everyday life here at Oasis as our pupils use them throughout their school day and interact with their teachers through specially chosen teaching and learning apps. You can find out more about Horizons by visiting our 'About Us' section.